Turning a corner of your house into a work office is a challenge for many who are switching to work-from-home for the first time. But it is not impossible. We are here to share five ways to create the best workspace for you.



In this corner…

Find the right spot. When considering a possible workspace, you should look for a quiet space, far from any possible distractions from inside or outside your home. In small or open plan homes, this is not always a possibility. But don’t fret! You can always use color to distinguish your workspace from the rest of your home spaces.

Bold colors can liven up your space without overwhelming the eye. An accent of Lovely Days (SR-418) can easily infuse warmth and positive vibes into the room, making it a high-energy creative space. Its glow can easily make your workspace the most welcoming corner of your home.



Light it up!
Bring light to your workspace. A well-lit space can both spare you the eye strain and the risk of any possible accidents. A room with a lot of natural light can alleviate stress levels, help prevent eye strain, and improve your circadian rhythm (we can all agree that many of us need this right now!). If natural light is not an available option, choose a type of artificial light to match your work needs. Warm, yellow toned lights are cozier while cooler, blue toned lights provide better contrast for reading and working.

To maximize the revitalizing effect, surround your workspace with soothing shades of green. Green is the least visually fatiguing color which makes hues like Lightning Green (MCS-3102) a calming balm for those working long hours. It can also help promote creativity and harmony while reducing anxiety and eye strain.



Fits just right.
Staying stationary for long periods of time can have negative effects on your health. Invest in well-balanced, ergonomic furniture that Goldilocks can be proud of–your body will thank you for it. When choosing furniture for your workspace, ensure that it fits your needs (and your form). Make sure that your desk and chair matches your height, and that it comes with good back support to lessen any possible back strain from bending over for long periods.

Contrast your furniture with grounding shades. Darker shades of blue can be calming to the mind and body, making it easier to focus on the task at hand. King Cerulean (SR-203) is a versatile and refreshing shade that creates a meditative atmosphere for maximum productivity for your long hours of work. Blues like these can give your space a moodier tone, giving it a certain elegance and warmth to complement lighter-toned furnishings.



Clean and clear.
Organize your space to organize your mindset. A cluttered desk–and generally, a cluttered home–can prevent you from concentrating on the task at hand. Creating and maintaining order in your surroundings can go a long way for your productivity.

Try surrounding yourself with warmer hues that promote focus while boosting concentration and creativity. Playful colors like Mellow Melon (MCS-5105) and Carnival Pink (MCS-1102) can nurture a less formal, more fun and inspiring workspace.



Own it.
Inject your personality into your workspace. Even set apart from the rest of your home, you should feel welcome and comfortable in your own workspace. Do this by adding small personal touches to the surrounding surfaces: from art prints, to textiles, to potted plants.

Maximize your workspace decor with a soft, neutral backdrop. The mild tone of Whitewash (SR-013) makes it versatile, creating a sense of a clean, spacious place while minimizing visual distraction. It can easily be turned into a warm background for unique designs, or for minimalist interiors–or even for your occasional video meetings.

In creating your own corner of productivity within the home, keep in mind that the best workspace for you is not just about the right desk or lamp. Your home office should be a space that inspires the best work out of you.

Inner Calm
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